Jo & Laura raise nearly £1,000 for St Luke's Hospice

Claremont's Radiology Manager Joanne Roebuck and Business Development Manager Laura Penn have successfully raised nearly £1,000 for Sheffield's St Luke's Hospice with a sponsored weight loss challenge.

Both girls wanted to lose weight anyway and spotted the opportunity to raise some cash for a fantastic cause in the meantime.  Joanne and Laura each pledged to lose 1 stone each in 8 weeks - and they did just that.

Laura said "It's actually harder than it sounds because you have to be dedicated to the challenge 24/7 for 8 weeks and there's an awful lot of weddings/parties and BBQs in that time!  We kept at it though and are delighted to have reached our goal and raised money for St Lukes."

Joanne said "We kept each other on track with texts and phone calls when we both got tempted to give in but honestly, what's 8 weeks feeling hungry here and there when you think about the cause we're raising this money for.  If we could just break the £1K target now, it would be perfect."

Date: 10/07/2015
By: Administrator