Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care at Claremont

Consultations, Scans & Expert Advice - For You & Your Baby

The service comprises 2 experts in the field of pregnancy, obstetrics, maternal and fetal medicine – Professor Dilly Anumba and Mr Roobin Jokhi. Using state of the art scanning equipment and drawing on years of experience, Professor Anumba and Mr Jokhi offer consultant led advice, scans and support at any stage of pregnancy right from the earliest weeks to the end stages and beyond.

Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care welcomes patients from all health insurers (please check coverage with your insurer prior to making the appointment) or self-funding patients. If you’re paying for the service yourself, several competitive package prices are available and patients can choose what suits their needs best. You may just wish to come in for a consultation if something is worrying you, have a Nuchal or 4D scan, or you may wish to choose the full care package which offers the peace of mind of expert consultant led care throughout your pregnancy. It’s up to you. 

Claremont Private Hospital is delighted to support this forward thinking, innovate and caring service for expectant mothers in Sheffield. We’ve had enquiries for many years from women wishing to see a consultant privately during pregnancy and because of this demand, Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care launched.

What does the service offer?

•  Consultant led preconceptual counselling
•  All types of pregnancy ultrasound scanning
•  Recurrent miscarriage investigations and advice
•  Nuchal Translucency scan & bloods (11-13 weeks + 6 days)
•  Viability scans (after 5 weeks)
•  Fetal sexing scans (after 16 weeks)
•  Dating scans (8-16 weeks)
•  Dating scans & combined screening (Nuchal Translucency scan & bloods)
•  Reassurance scans (20-36 weeks)
•  Revolutionary Harmony Prenatal Testing (including fetal sexing for singleton and twin pregnancies) - click here to view video
•  Sickle cell, thalassemia and cystic fibrosis screening
•  Screening for pre-eclampsia (combined screening and UT artery) (13-22 weeks)
•  Screening for pre-term birth (after 16 weeks)
•  Anatomy scans (18-21 weeks)
•  3D/4D scans (24-34 weeks)
•  Fetal wellbeing scans (24-40 weeks)
•  Private deliveries are not available at Claremont Private Hospital but you may contact Professor Anumba or Mr Jokhi to discuss your options.


Weeks Singleton Twins
Preconceptual counselling (30 min appt)   £150  
Recurrent miscarriage counselling (30 min appt)   £150  
General consultation (30 min appt)   £150  
Consultation and Ultrasound Scan   £190  
Follow up consultation (up to 20 mins)   £110  
Harmony prenatal blood test including fetal sexing After 10 weeks £475  
Viability Scan  After 5 weeks £75  
Dating Scan  8-16 weeks £75 £110
Nuchal/Dating Scan & Bloods  11-13 weeks + 6 days £195 £280
Reassurance Scan 14-22 weeks £135 £240
Sexing Scan  After 16 weeks £75 £120
Anatomy Scan  18-21 weeks £240  
Fetal Well Being Scan  24-40 weeks £135  
3D/4D Scan  24-34 weeks £140 £240
Presentation Scan  At term only £75  

We’ve tried to keep the prices as low as possible to make the service accessible to all.

Our experts

Professor Dilly Anumba MBBs, fwACs, Md, FRCoG, LLM Medical Law
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Mr Roobin Jokhi BMedsci (Hons), MBChB, MRCoG
Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

To book your appointment call 0114 263 2114

Clinic Times

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